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Automatic insurance cover for your items

At USPS Express we provide our customers with superior parcel delivery services globally. Every year, we are responsible for the delivery of hundreds of thousands of items, and it’s a responsibility we take very seriously.

While we always make every effort to ensure your item arrives on time and in good condition, occasionally things can go wrong.

That’s why we are now offering customers automatic insurance cover on all items, providing you with even more peace of mind. Things rarely go wrong but, if they do, this cover will ensure we can set them right for you.Please note that this applies only to all coupons purchased after 6th September 2010. Make sure you’re covered

USPS Express has automatically arranged insurance cover for your goods. We recommend that you ensure that this level of cover is adequate to protect your items from accidental damage or loss in transit cover and if not, we can arrange additional cover.

This additional insurance cover is the easiest way for you to protect your items. There are no extra forms to fill in or arrangements to be made. You simply arrange delivery as normal and we add a small premium to your invoice.

How much will it cost?

How will I be billed?

What does it cover?

Is there an excess?

Yes – you are responsible for the first $100 of every claim on the automatic insurance.Different excesses apply to the additional insurance – see the terms and conditions on the reverse of your tax invoice.

Are any goods excluded from cover?

The following goods are not covered:


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