Delivery Information

The effectiveness of the USPS Express distribution network depends on the speed of the pick up and delivery to all customers. It is essential that the goods are packaged and addressed at the time of making the booking, so that the courier contractor can make the pick up without delay.

For the convenience of all customers, we try to run as closely as possible to our schedule. In order for us to meet these time guidelines, we regret we cannot always wait for goods that are not ready at the point of the pick up, and we cannot always deliver to premises that require a set “book-in” time.

Before Booking

We recommend strong, secure packaging for all goods, and that 'at-risk' items be insured before dispatch.

Please ensure all items, including multiple consignments, are clearly addressed, including name, address, floor number and contact name at the intended destination. Multiple consignments should be marked 1 of 3, 2 of 3 etc.


Prepaid Coupons

USPS Express operates on a PREPAID coupon and barcode system. For your convenience coupons are available in books of various sizes, commencing at a 5 coupon book. All Ezylink coupons are $3.60 ex GST

Coupons provide security of your freight allowing us to track your freight through the USPS Express system. Each coupon is numbered to identify freight and enables tracing of items to the point of delivery. Customers have the option of either attaching a tracking portion to their documentation, or recording details on the nondetachable stub which is retained in the coupon book.

Each prepaid coupon will allow you to have a single consignment of up to 25kg “dead weight” or 0.10 cubic metre [.464m(H) x .464m(W) x .464m(D)] picked up and delivered anywhere within the metropolitan areas, in accordance with our delivery schedule.

Additional Coupons

There are times when goods (parcels) require an additional charge and examples of this are as follows:

ATL Coupons

Authority to Leave(ATL) coupons are available with all contractors and, upon request, the pickup contractor would"link" an ATL coupon to the Metro coupon.This gives the delivery driver the authority to leave the freight as per the instuctions on the ATL coupon.This overides the need to obtain a signature. This service is offered free of charge to our customers.

Cubic Capacity

To work out the cubic capacity of a parcel, multiply the length by the width by the height. This gives the volume of the parcel. Multiply this by 250kg to get the cubic capacity. For ease of use please check out our Coupon Calculator.

Dead Weight

Occupational Health and Safety legislation restricts the maximum weight of an individual item of freight to 25kg. (However, heavier items may be carried where there is assistance to load and unload the item. Individual items in excess of 40kg cannot be carried.)

Areas are detailed on the delivery schedule which is updated periodically. These schedules are available from your courier or download a PDF version from this website.

Payments for Coupons

You can pay for your USPS Express coupons at the time of issue in cash, by cheque or by electronic transfer to our nominated bank account. Simply quote your telephone number as the lodgement reference number and fax your EFT confirmation.

When the Receiver has Coupons

USPS Express refers to these types of bookings as 'Receiver Pay' Bookings. Please ensure all goods are packed and ready for immediate collection before booking the pick up. Then simply check the cut off time in the area you need the goods collected from. Please note that it may differ from your area. If you are unsure, please ask the Customer Service Operator for assistance. Upon making the pickup, your courier will affix an “R.P” coupon to the consignment. Please ensure the sender asks for this number so that in the event of a query, the goods can be tracked easily and quickly. At the time of the delivery, you simply pay your courier with the appropriate coupons to cover the delivery.

Conditions Of Cartage

USPS Express carries all goods at the customer’s risk and subject to the Terms & Conditions of Cartage. USPS Express recommends that you insure your goods for peace of mind. Please see the "Insuring Your Goods" section for more information. You will find the Terms & Conditions of Cartage clearly printed on the front of our invoices and on the cover of the prepaid coupons.

Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with these Terms and Conditions of Carriage before sending any goods.

If you have any questions, USPS Express Customer Service Operators will be more than happy to help.

Goods We Cannot Carry

The USPS Express system is a parcel distribution network. The courier picks up parcels from many customers in their area at the same time, then later sorts and distributes them for delivery. To protect all consignments, incompatible freight, which by its very nature may damage other freight, cannot be carried. Likewise, any freight which may pose a danger of injury to the courier or a member of staff (because it has sharp or jagged edges, is not adequately packaged, or cannot be handled safely) should not be sent. It may not be accepted by the courier for pick up, or may not be able to be delivered within the normal system.

Dangerous Goods

USPS Express does NOT carry dangerous goods, except for allowable quantities of cosmetics, beauty products and a maximum 20 litres of Class 3 Goods. Dangerous goods carried by your courier must be consigned according to the relevant Dangerous Goods regulations. All goods must be accompanied by a declaration and have conforming packaging. Combined quantities on a vehicle must be under the limits required by a vehicle to avoid carrying dangerous goods signage. USPS Express does NOT carry dangerous goods to intrastate or interstate destinations


COD Deliveries ( Cheques only)

The USPS Express system provides strict policies and procedures for handling COD deliveries, and for the return to sender of the payment. There is an extra charge by way of a special COD envelope for customers for this service. Complete the self addressed COD Envelope detailing the amount to be collected, then attach the COD Envelope to the parcel. Your parcel is then ready to be picked up.Under no circumstances can we carry cash.

Just as USPS Express uses prepaid coupons to track your goods, other companies also use various forms and paperwork.

Some may be happy with a copy of the invoice, others will require an official consignment note or hand written note. However, all transport companies require some form of covering documentation. Please check with the relevant transport company as to what documentation they need.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure all necessary consignment notes and other documentation, are completed and attached to the consignment before booking the pick up. Failure to do so may delay the delivery of your goods.


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